For those thrill seekers who want to do battle with large pelagic species such as tuna we offer full day offshore trips where we run to the open waters south of Montauk and Block Island. Depending on the season we typically have multiple opportunities to target Giant Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi. and smaller school sized bluefin tuna.

Our Full Day offshore trips are generally 10-11 hours long depending how far we have to run. 

All of our offshore trips include bait and tackle, fish cleaning and ice for your catch.

Please note that a 20% gratuity for the mate is not reflected in the prices.

Please note that if a commercial giant (73″+ ) is landed the fish is property of the vessel per federal regulations and must be tagged and offloaded per laws governing the fishery. Any bluefin tuna landed that is under 73″ goes to the charter client.

Full Day Offshore (Troll/Jig)  – Tuna  (June-September) $1800.00 $200/Deposit
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Full Day Giant Tuna (July-November) $1300.00  $200/Deposit
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Overnight Canyon Trip 4 passengers  (July-September) $4000.00 $500/Deposit
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